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Gloomy's the sunset, there's fog in the world
Sinkin' thoughts, believes, dreams and hearts
Drops of the mist are falling
On pathless, sensless life.

Mist from the street tries to enter my heart
Wants to take there the place that was yours
And fading is all my loving
Together with my dreams.

Now I see
All is gone like a dream to nowhere
dream that you can't share wite me
Fading dream of nothing
For our love's turned into mist.
Now I see
All is gone like a dream to nowhere
Dream of the sun in the fog
Even sorrow leaves me
Since my life is dropping off.

Closing my eyes I can see you again
See your smile, hear your voice, feel your lips
The sweetest of words I knew
Is whispered by the sun.

Dear is the shape that my dreams brings me back
But it's nowhere and nowhere will stay
I follow the misty shadow
Illusion of my life.

Now I see... etc.

Dreaming of nothing and going to nowhere
With nobody showing the way
Chasing illusions and dim recollections
Are filling in past lover's fate.

Utwory chronione przez Stowarzyszenie Autorów ZAiKS. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.